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Improve customer experience with knowledge assisted chat bots for WhatsApp, Facebook, Google business and much more.
1. Customer Virtual Assistants: Delight your customers and drive more revenue with virtual assistant chat bots on all the different channels. Zuzu integrates with google chat to enable you to reply to customer queries with ease.
2. Knowledge Assistant for Teams: Keep your customer-facing teams up-to-date, consistent, and confident with trusted knowledge that’s accessible in every application they use.
3. Human+Bot: Omni-channel Conversations from Gmail: Save Cost, Drive Sales and Customer satisfaction by providing Live Agent Assistance via Gmail (Google Workspace)
Get notified when incoming is received. Respond to your customer queries on any channel with ease from Gmail and Google Chat.
4. Knowledge FAQ Bot: Automate FAQs: Create Bit-size knowledge from website, documents or software systems in minutes. Provide customers with immediate answers to common questions to free up your human agents for more complicated tasks.

Startup Features:
  • Customer Virtual Assistants
  • Knowledge Assistant for Teams
  • Human+Bot: Omni-channel Conversations from Gmail
  • Knowledge FAQ Bot: Automate FAQs
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Information Technology
  • Productivity
  • Training
Target Audience:
  • gmail
  • messenger
  • whatsapp-integration
  • google-my-business
  • google chat

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