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Zuby is a free, easy to use iOS app that is transforming the archaic mom & pop rental industry.

Designed specifically for renters and landlords with 1-5 rentals, Zuby connects between the two and offers:

• Free rent payment or payment with credit card
• A network of local home service professionals including handymen, cleaners, plumbers and much more
• Professional renter screening and legal document creation tools for landlords
• High quality renters insurance and landlord legal coverage
• A centralized smart-hub for everything rental-related

Startup Features:
  • Pay rent for free or with a credit card
  • Split rent with roommates
  • Build credit history for paying rent
  • Purchase renters insurance
  • Free rent collection
  • Renter screening tools
  • Legal documents (leases and more)
  • Order local professionals
Beta User Benefits:
  • Early access to our platform
  • Early access to free rent payment and collection
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Real Estate
Target Audience:
  • ios
  • apps
  • property management
  • rent payment

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