Yuser: Your Life, Your Content, Your Rewards   


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Yuser empowers you to be who you want to be online.
Are you a fashion blogger, indie musician, foodie, or an illustrator? Yuser is where you discover your true passion, collect rewards, and grow a large following. As your reputation increases, you gain prominence on the network. Gift your friends as easily as you’d give a like.

Complete custom challenges to gain more prominence on the network.
Grow an engaged fan base while earning rewards.
Get sponsored by brands and monetize your own account.

Startup Features:
  • Yuser provides a more rewarding experience to users through new gifting mechanisms and challenges.
Beta User Benefits:
  • Users are able to obtain early rewards that are later exchangeable for digital in-app assets
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Games
  • Social Networking
Target Audience:
  • social networking app
  • gaming
  • rewards
  • blockchain-based
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