Geographies: World wide is a flexible visual regression testing service that helps catch unwanted UI changes.

Don’t let your users find the bugs before you do! is designed to help and make it easier for front-end & app developers and QA testers to detect and prevent unwanted visual changes before they reach production.

This product is for you, who wished to automate this part of the testing process. integrates with your current test suite, and it’s easily customizable to suit your needs.

Startup Features:
  • Browse visual regression reports on our web app.
  • Easy to use node.js SDK. No framework lock-in! Use your preferred testing framework.
  • Integrate with our flexible REST API from any codebase.
  • Get visual regression summary reports in your Slack and inbox.
  • Customize your testing process flow with webhooks.
Beta User Benefits:
  • The first month for free: use coupon code BETAFY2018 when signing up
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Information Technology
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • software testing
  • automated testing
  • frontend testing
  • ui testing

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