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Include more talented people in the process/give more talented people a chance... through an instant and automatic hiring progression rather than shutting them out with short sighted screening tools.
Replace applications with interviews/ replace resumes with portfolios. With Vervoe, old school ATS gives way to a virtual talent show. You cut right to the stuff that matters - with people simulating where their unique talent will take you, not simply telling you where they’ve been.
Interview like the masters from day one. Tap into a community of industry masters. Save time using their personally designed interview scripts, ask the same questions they use to uncover true potential and understand the answers they use to rank the best of the best.
Cut the fat out of the hiring process and shrink it from 40 days to 4 days.

Startup Features:
  • Hire great people in 4 days
  • Skip screening and interview everyone, automatically
  • Tap into a community of hiring experts
  • Test candidates in real-world scenarios
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Human Resources
Target Audience:
  • recruitment
  • hiring
  • automation
  • interviewing
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