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VerifyTreatment is designed for treatment centers to admit on the first call, increase productivity, protect your revenue, and improve client response. Ultimately, saving lives and your treatment facility thousands in revenue. We are trusted by 650+ treatment facilities nationwide to verify health insurance instantly, 24/7, and accurately calculate EIV before admission. Helping treatment centers convert more calls to patients.

Startup Features:
  • • Verify health insurance benefits 24/7 in 10 seconds
  • • Remote insurance verification
  • • Admit patients on the first call
  • • Improve customer response
  • • Reduce payroll and manpower
  • • Protect and increase your revenue
  • • Auto Re-Verify your census and avoid lapsed policies
  • • Check claims, billed, collected, and outstanding for any patient and insurance company
  • • Lead generating web forms for your site
  • • Salesforce integration
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Information Technology
Target Audience:
  • saas
  • app
  • information technology
  • healthcare
  • insurance
  • customer engagement

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