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We've developed the first tool in the world that with user permission turns his smartphone into a tool for studying behavior by recording his emotions, where he looks and how he behaves. By using AI-powered webcam eye tracking, facial coding, and click-and-scroll tracking it replaces bulky and expensive usability lab. We allow getting the whole universe of insights via one easy app. Product, marketing, and research teams can analyze deeply and predict accurately how users behave at the website and in the app from their smartphones.

In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, mobile e-commerce is over $200B in US. 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site, poor customer experience decreases conversions. Tools such as Google Analytics or click-based heatmaps reveal what users already did on the website and it is not enough to get deep behavior insights. There is a need to see the website through the users’ eyes and understand their feelings to create high-quality user interfaces. Nowadays, the only solution is building a usability lab that is time and budget intensive. That’s why we’ve designed UXReality.

UXReality is different by recording real users behavior on mobile using a webcam, screen, and voice recordings with the opportunity to get feedback via a survey at the same time, while competitors use only mouse movements to show the behavior and it is not so representative. The UXReality app is able to "understand" what users see via gaze and eye movements tracking and what feelings a person experiences each second of the interaction.

How it works?
Just tap & capture!
1. Choose what to test - mobile site or app
2. Allow access to your webcam and complete calibration
3. Recording session starts: open the app or website for testing
4. Replay and analyze behavioral insights

UXReality is recording gaze movements, fixations and emotions via a in-built camera of the mobile device. In addition, you can analyze screen and voice recordings. It replaces the usabilityhub and makes UX testing studies as easy as never before.

- AI powered webcam eye tracking
- Emotion Recognition (via facial coding)
- Clicks and scrolls
- Voice recording
- Polls (coming soon)

Two modes available:
1. Remote testing (send invitations with a link to app)
2. Lab-based testing (use your device for recordings)

Why you'll love UXReality:
This app can do more than any other mobile UX helper. By downloading it, you turn your mobile device into a fully-fledged tool for usability testing. With UXReality you'll be able to analyze deeply and predict accurately how users behave at the website and in the app from their smartphones.

So, just tap & capture! Create awesome digital experience by seeing through users’ eyes, understanding their feelings, knowing what they think via one AI-powered app for getting mobile behavior insights.

Startup Features:
  • Eye Tracking
  • Facial Coding
  • Voice Recoding
  • Click and Scroll Tracking
Beta User Benefits:
  • Exclusive access to the private beta
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  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
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  • Technology
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  • android
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