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USB-Lock-RP is the strongest solution to centrally manage access to USB ports, removable storage, mobile devices and wireless adapters to servers, workstations and laptops in a network. Presents smart USB lockdown designed to protect computers in Industrial processes as well as corporate offices:

Ot industrial networks DCS and scada (critical infrastructure)
It small-mid-large business/enterprise networks.
Classified as usb port control for enterprise, usb lock rp device control software is an administrative and enforcement tool specifically designed to control usb devices to protect windows operating systems, without concern to dependencies, at a very small memory/storage footprint.

Startup Features:
  • Centralized USB Device Management.
  • Secures Groups of Computer or Specific Computers.
  • Whitelists Specific Devices by Hardware ID and Blocks the -rest.
  • Receives Alerts & Logs Device Connections in the Network --Automatically.
  • Presents Full Screen Locking upon Blocking Devices (includes your company logo).
  • Monitors & Encrypts File Transfers from Endpoints to Authorized USB drives (ON/OFF).
  • Easy Client Deployment through Group Policy (Windows Installer MSI).
  • Event logs in CEF (Common events format) for integration with SIEM.
  • Controls USB even if no user is logged into the client system (Setting and enforcement).
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