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trendHERO helps brands, agencies and companies find most relevant influencers at Instagram.

It's powerful discovery and analytics tool for fake followers detection and audience insights. Huge 20M Instagram accounts database. 90+ metrics. Likers audience analytics. No need to connect your account

Startup Features:
  • huge 20M database of Instagram bloggers
  • 90 metrics for fake detections (inc geo, gender, type of followers and likers)
  • content and comments analytics
  • mention analytics
Beta User Benefits:
  • + 10 reports for free
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Social Networking
Target Audience:
  • influencer marketing
  • advertising
  • instagram
  • influencer
  • bloggers
  • influencers on social networks
  • micro-influencers

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