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TOWB Music is a blind music competition platform that focuses on boosting rising talent and gamifying the listening experience. This isn't like your regular audio distribution service. We aim to make listening engaging, interactive and rewarding.

Upcoming artists upload their tracks to Blind Battles or onto the platform for casual listening. Once a battle begins, artists go incognito with a disguised name and song title. Both artists and listeners are able to win prizes (Yes, we're talking money.) for participating in the competitions.

TOWB Music, the music competition that fits in your pocket. Currently available online and in the iOS and Google Play Stores.

Startup Features:
  • The blind music competition that fits in your pocket.
Beta User Benefits:
  • All the features with none of the cost! Play around with the platform and have a chance to earn prizes just for participating and giving us your opinion on the platform.
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Target Audience:
  • ios app
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  • people looking to listen to music.
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