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Market Research is an extremely expensive venture. Asking a research question can cost up to $500 per question, making it well outside the budget for new startups and small to medium businesses. These companies are thus left to either not conduct any research or try to conduct poorly designed research that is often extremely biased.

Test Your Ideas is thus addressing this problem, by providing a platform where people can perform market research and get assistance from experienced market research professionals at 10x cheaper price. Ultimately the goal is to make market research affordable and accessible to anyone, not just the largest companies.

The platform gives users a place to conduct the research, assistance with question design, guaranteed responses from a diverse set of users and data and visual based results.

Startup Features:
  • Market research, guaranteed responses, all for free
Beta User Benefits:
  • Research question design assistance for free
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business
Target Audience:
  • market research
  • idea validation

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