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Do you enjoy reading the researches and newspapers from experts, or directly discussing with them and ask them things you wonder? To receive knowledge from someone by communicate with them is always a better experience than read from somewhere immobile, and the things you get through a conversation will be the latest version unlike the texts can never update themselves over time.
That's why Tesse, Inc. came into life.

At 17th March, 2017, Tesse was launched. It is an interactive search engine which allows you to search by a keyword of skill or expertise and get people as result. It is an on-demand platform for knowledge sharing service with an UX of search engine. It allows users to search online (real time) experts around the world and connect with them via live chat and video call.

Anyone can join Tesse as an expert if they are confident about their knowledge in a field. They join to share, to get recognized from others around the world, to raise reputation through Tesse's review system and to earn extra income from a flexible job. And if you don't want to be an expert, you just want to learn from the better ones and find someone who can help solving your problems, Tesse is definitely a place you should drop in.

The simple interface, the included direct payment system and independent contact tools which to keep all of your transaction in extremely privacy are other reasons for you to choose Tesse.

Tesse aims to bring you a huge source of live knowledge from live human beings to become the site you use daily. With Tesse, keep the knowledge flow!

Check our website if you would like to know more!

Startup Features:
  • Connect expert in one blink!
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