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Space Browser - The first mobile browser made for power users.

While the web itself has undergone big changes in the last twenty years, browsers have remained largely the same.
Current mobile browsers do not satisfy power user needs. There is no way to manage a lot of open tabs or to recall your tabs.

Space takes a browser to the next level and reorganise the way we handle tabs. It’s made for power users and takes typical desktop like features to a mobile device.

We organize your tabs into spaces, which act like smart folders and we make it easy to recall your tabs with the help of our rethought history, where you can travel back in time to restore entire sessions or just that one tab you were searching for.

Startup Features:
  • Spaces - Organize your tabs into spaces
  • History Timeline - Travel back in time to restore entire sessions or just that one tab you were searching for
  • Share a Space - To collaborate. All your tabs are synchronized on the fly.
  • Customize your Space - Apply individual settings for each space.
  • Dark Mode
  • Discover the power of gestures - Use intuitive gestures to browse the web
Beta User Benefits:
  • They will be the first ones, who get access to the iPhone version of our Space Browser and other great features.
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  • Design
  • Productivity
  • Technology
  • Utilities
Target Audience:
  • ios app
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  • apple
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  • ios app development
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