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I'm Caroline from Snipfeed. Snipfeed is an AI-powered mobile-only content discovery platform for Gen Z (for news articles, short videos, podcasts, and Trivia games similar to Toutiao and Dedao in China). Our goal is to completely redefine how we consume content on our phones and regarding how relevant your content is for the younger generation, we would be thrilled to have you on the platform.
Snipfeed is also an outlet for media & content creators to engage and monetize their content in a whole new way through mobile. Pretty much-giving media and creators the ability to have their "own" app inside the platform, creating unique experiences and let them monetize content easily through personalized ads, by selling exclusive content (exclusive articles, videos, podcasts, books...), getting tips on the app and many other ways. We are extremely humbled and proud to say that we already have major players onboard like the MLB, NBC, Vice, Popsugar and will distribute most popular creators among Gen Zs including Goop, Joe Rogan, Call her daddy, Daquan...
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