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**24 May OUT new platform interface

Skaffolder allows you to create web apps, its structure and its pages, saving 30% of time compared to
standard timings, automating a previously manual process giving the opportunity to the development
team to focus more on business logic.

The platform avoids the writing of repetitive source code delivering quality code of which the developer
remains the owner, the code generated is easy to understand and easily customizable.
During the creation of the project, it gives the possibility to establish common technical guidelines
among all team members for thus supporting the team leader's work, allowing better management of the
tasks and deadlines.

The automatic creation of code with Skaffolder standardizes the working methodology in the projects,
increasing the ideas interchange between the professional figures within them, favoring their synergy
and cooperation.

This ensures lower production effort, increased productivity and continuous training support for the
development team, due to integration with the latest programming languages such as Node JS, Java
and Angular.

Startup Features:
  • Generate source code automatically from UML schema
  • Introduce automation without losing the control on source code
  • Proprietary algorithm that allows to generate source code in many programming language
Beta User Benefits:
  • Coupon for 3 months of professional plan
  • Building one webapp with Skaffolder CEO support
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Freelancing
  • Information Technology
  • Platforms
  • Productivity
  • Project Management
  • Technology
  • Utilities
Target Audience:
  • php
  • php developer
  • web developer
  • fontend developer
  • learn to code
  • webapp
  • angularjs
  • nodejs
  • node developer
  • backend developers
  • webapplication
  • angular
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