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Shufti Pro is an AI-powered SaaS product that helps online businesses in identity theft protection, online fraud prevention, and payment scams security.

Its identity verification services are perfect for KYC and AML Compliance as well. Some of the services that Shufti Pro has to offer include:

* Face Verification
* Document Verification
* Address Verification
* ID Verification
* Handwritten Note Verification
* Consent Verification
* AML background checks
* 2 Factor Authentication?

Some of the main features of Shufti Pro include?
* Hybrid Verification Technology (AI + HI)
* 15 Days Free Trial
* Real-Time Verification Results
* Available in 230+ Countries
* 150+ Supported Languages
* 3000+ Supported Documents
* Pay As You Go pricing Model
* Auto Code Generator for easy integration with pre-existing customer portals, mobile apps or websites
* No Minimum Verification Volume Required
* Free Geolocation data for each Verification
* Different pricing according to your business needs
* Hosted KYC option for companies that do not have technical expertise.
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