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SharePal is a rental platform for your travel, photography, gaming & other lifestyle needs.


- I'm planning for a Himalayan trek, but buying trekking gear is quite expensive
- I'm a travel blogger and want a GoPro camera for my upcoming travel
- I'm a freelance photographer and need to change cameras often as per my work
- I'm a PC gamer but want to try my hands on the PlayStation


SharePal brings lifestyle products on rent. Be it photography equipment, gaming consoles, adventure travel gear, or a music instrument access it whenever you want at the tap of a button.

Every individual need is different, while some are occasional users, others are frequent. While some are ok to use old technology, others always want the latest. To solve these varied needs of the modern consumer, we offer both short term rentals & long-term subscriptions.

Rental plans start from a minimum of 3 days and go up to 1 year. Rent longer, pay lesser!

Startup Features:
  • Rent & save on your travel, photography and gaming needs
Beta User Benefits:
  • Rent & save on your travel, photography and gaming needs. Get gift voucher worth Rs 100
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  • Ecommerce
  • Sharing Economy
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