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Scrumie makes your team stay in the loop no matter where your teammates are working.

A transparent overview of the work done in your team based on virtual daily stand-ups is the core feature in Scrumie. Thanks to the availability and time zones, teammates can see when their colleagues are working - via their status availability (vacation, home office, sick day…), as well as their working hours.

Integration with Slack and custom apps (Reporting, Accounting) helps further enhance Scrumie’s functionalities. More integrations are coming soon.

Startup Features:
  • Teamwork overview
  • Virtual stand-ups
  • Availability status
  • Time zones
  • Integrations (Slack, GitHub and more are coming soon)
  • Custom apps (Accounting, Project Reports)
Beta User Benefits:
  • Scrumie is free to use for everyone in beta.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Productivity
Target Audience:
  • productivity
  • teamwork
  • team management
  • remote team
  • remote work

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