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Add touchless interactions to anything, anywhere.

Routegy makes it easy for people to interact with your business in a contactless, app-less way. Purchases, issues, requests, and feedback are made by interacting with QR codes, NFC tags, sensors, and smart speakers. Collected information and context are sent to the destination of your choice: notifications via SMS or Slack, integrations with your existing software, and anything in-between; no code required.

Startup Features:
  • Add contactless purchases to boost revenue.
  • Touchless issues and requests to discover problems faster.
  • Solicit feedback with in-place surveys, ratings, and reviews.
Beta User Benefits:
  • Extended free trial of 6mo.
  • Direct customer support and onboarding
  • Guidance for printing QR codes, encoding NFC tags, and instrumenting your physical space.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Productivity
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • qr code
  • touchless
  • contactless
  • nfc

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