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Roostoo unleashes real-time blockchain, cryptocurrency, and market data insights to the future mass users of digital assets.

The current digital asset market lacks transparency and real-time insights for retail investors and digital asset holders. We believe these information shall be transparent to everyone, hence we are offering a single source of platform that aggregates real-time computable data insights for the public.

Our B2C product includes a clean UX mobile application (both Android and iOS) that offers users intuitive, convenient and actionable information for free.

Our B2B product will include market data API service, providing end-users, traders, market makers, liquidity providers, and analysts real-time data fetched across major cryptocurrency exchanges, on-chain and off-chain token sources.

Startup Features:
  • Real-time cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities, digital asset data insights (Github activities, web search trends)
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free access to insightful blockchain and cryptocurrency information
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Information Technology
Target Audience:
  • mobile app
  • data
  • big data
  • api
  • cryptocurrency
  • bitcoin
  • insights
  • blockchain
  • bitcoin trading
  • arbitrage
  • markets

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