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Make great videos every time with gorgeous copyright-free image and video search. Create your own custom themes using styles in existing videos. Clone videos to create similar content, translations, or A/B tests. Style using built-in themes or customize 20+ settings, including filters, animations, motion graphics, fonts, colors, and more. If you can use Instagram, you are already a pro at Rocketium.Create videos suited for different social networks or platforms by choosing portrait, landscape, or square formats. Download in full HD or mobile-optimised quality to suit different devices and network conditions.

Startup Features:
  • Make videos in minutes
Beta User Benefits:
  • 14 day free trial of a premium account which can be extended later
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media
  • Photo & Video
Target Audience:
  • social media marketing
  • video marketing
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