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Ripsaw®, the place where you take control of the most important aspects of your financial life! Ripsaw® is a user-friendly set of tools for do-it-yourself, efficient wealth management. It is also a device to monitor your investment advisor. Ripsaw's mission is to provide independent screening and evaluation tools to manage your wealth. Thats it! We will not sell your data ever or influence you.

Startup Features:
  • Do-It-Yourself Wealth Management Platform
  • Invest
  • Monitor
  • Revise
  • Balance Sheet and Accounts
  • Customizable Benchmark
  • Investment Screener
  • Wealth Portfolio Dashboard
  • Market Data
  • Daily Performance Breakdown Comparison
  • Benchmark Deviation Indicator
  • Configurable Data Views
  • Data visualizations for detailed asset allocation and to help evaluate portfolio composition differences from your custom benchmark.
  • Holdings Analysis
  • Data Quality Checks and Notifications
  • Portfolio Revisions
Beta User Benefits:
  • Manage your investments with automatically updated and readily available investment tools
  • Your full wealth picture enriched with analytics
  • Revise toward your target asset allocation
  • Be apart of a disruptive new independent DIY wealth platform.
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