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Reacher is an open-source email verification API.

Become the biggest competitor to Clearbit.

Use Cases:
??????? Prevent spam sign-ups on your website,
???? Cleaning up mailing lists from junk emails.

???? Accurate - it actually connects to the mail server to check deliverability,
???? Fast, as it's written in the performant language Rust. Each verification takes in average 1.9s,
????? Privacy-focused and GDPR-compliant,
???? Scales well with elastic horizontal scaling,
???? Checks MX, SMTP, catch-all, DEA... and more,
???? Easy monthly subscription with Stripe,
???? 100% Open-Source,
???? Free for personal use.

Beta User Benefits:
  • 8000 free email verifications per month
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Digital Marketing
Target Audience:
  • email verification
  • email validation
  • bulk email verification
  • bulk email validation

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