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Tired of identity theft, spam, robocalls, junk mail? So are we! Privacy Bee is your data protection co-pilot. We scrub your personal information from dozens of data brokers and over 18,000 corporate databases.

At Privacy Bee we believe everyone deserves their privacy, especially online. Privacy should not be contested, bartered, nor political, but rather a basic human right. Our mission to give consumers a voice, centralizing their privacy preferences, and enforcing them using any privacy laws available. It's not fair to expect a consumer to manage their privacy preferences across thousands of different websites, with data brokers selling personal info to companies they've never even heard of, making it impossible to truly be in control.

Startup Features:
  • One-click privacy management
  • Automated data deletion and opt-outs
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Saas
Target Audience:
  • data
  • privacy
  • chrome
  • protection
  • protect information

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