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pointNG is a developer tool that makes GPS-based location personalization as simple and safe as possible. It's a SDK that you can insert into your website and use our functions to create location-based services without the need to worry about privacy-related risks.

When a website visitor permits to use her/his location data, instead of sending sensitive location data over the internet, our technology fetches a series of pre-trained neural networks to identify the user's location based on latitude and longitude coordinates. This way, we can make sure the end-users' coordinate data is safe, as we are not sending it away from the browser or device.

pointNG technology also makes it possible for users to take control over how and when websites use their location data. This can be tested by embedding pointNG's location widget to a website that is a user management control panel for location tracking.

Testing and installing pointNG is done by copy-pasting the SDK script and signing up for a free API key. Detailed instructions are here https://globalreactioncompany.gitbook.io/pointng/installation

Startup Features:
  • Build location-based websites without privacy-hassle
Beta User Benefits:
  • Chance to test a novel and new approach of using machine learning models directly in browser
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Engineering
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • sdk
  • developer tools
  • developer tool
  • gps
  • reverse geocoding
  • location tracking
  • loaction detection
  • reverese geocoding api
  • website personalization

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