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plug&paid's comprehensive SaaS shopping cart platform can seamlessly turn any website or social media page into a shop. We offfer a A different, much more efficient approach to eCommerce - distributed in nature, intuitive and can be easily deployed on any (existing) website. Our hosted buttons, links and widgets are call-to-action shopping carts and we have nicknamed these ‘plugs’. They can be accessed across multiple domains and platforms on the web, and take seconds to setup via a system generated HTML snippet or Link. Not more difficult than installing an affiliate banner.

It sounds simple, but moving to the opposite spectrum of software complexity when compared to traditional eCommerce solutions and outlets, 'Distributed Commerce' allows for a more targeted shopping experience on any platform of choice, be it free.

Startup Features:
  • The fastest way to start selling online
  • Digital Downloads
  • Subscription Products
  • EU VAT Automation
  • Invoices
  • 20 Languages/29 Currencies
Beta User Benefits:
  • Public 30 day free trial for all users. No credit card, no commitments
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Ecommerce
  • Online Marketplaces and Shopping
Target Audience:
  • social media
  • online sellers
  • online shopping with bitcoin
  • shopping carts
  • stripe
  • paypal

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