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PipFeed is an A.I. powered reading app for prolific readers.

The app for people who have a desire to learn.

People who want more than just "breaking news" apps.
People who love ideas.
People who want to grow.
People who lead.
People who create.
People who inspire.

Pipfeed’s Artificial Intelligence system observes which articles you have interacted with and learns your likes and dislikes. Our newsstand app includes the best online blogs, latest articles, and the latest articles from trusted sources and showcases them to you in a neat way.

It's like having a personal Editor who publishes a newspaper just for you.

There is a big disconnect with the way articles are read over the internet as most apps only focus on the latest news from top websites with the only source of traffic for most of these blogs being google.

AI is the means of fixing this disconnect and content discovery problem and decided to build PipFeed that finds interesting blogs and the most relevant readers for these articles for a fully customized app.

Startup Features:
  • Super Persoanlized articles
  • Articles and blog posts selected just for you
  • Articles from the top blogs on the internet
  • No breaking news or click bait articles
Beta User Benefits:
  • Really good unbiased articles
  • Tired of reading breaking news? Try PipFeed!
  • Learn from experts, no matter what topic interests you
  • PipFeed features the latest articles ranging from topics like Programming, Travel, Business, Social, Philosophy, Fashion, Art and much more.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Content Management
  • Media
  • News
Target Audience:
  • news
  • artificial intelligence
  • news aggregators
  • reading articles
  • reading news
  • news consumers
  • article summarizer
  • reading apps

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