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PAPERWRK’S purpose is to provide a new way of working, enabling contractors and small businesses to maintain and manage their timesheet and billing process with little effort. With enhanced features geared to a freelancer, PAPERWRK removes some of the hassles in chasing invoices and preparing the paperwork for clients.

For Agencies, PAPERWRK shall support the search for talent, enabling them to track the contractors working with the recruitment consultants, and take the effort away in chasing legal paperwork and contract preparation.

Finally, as a Client or company buying services from Freelancers and Agencies, they need a simply way of approving timesheets and ensuring that you maintain a close relationship with your suppliers.

PAPERWRK will be the service that does all this. And more.

Startup Features:
  • Connecting Contractors to Recruitment Teams and enabling the back office tools to process timesheets and bill customers
  • Timesheet processing and invoice generation
  • Document upload and storing information to allow on-boarding processes to be streamlined for freelancers
Beta User Benefits:
  • FREE account for 3 months
  • Management of invoices and documents for your accountant
  • Connecting you with Recruiters
  • Notifications on important items - VAT, Invoice payment, job alerts etc
  • Linking to SAGE, Xero and other accountancy tools online
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  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
Target Audience:
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