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Page Messenger is a FREE messaging and multi-media communication app available for Android Users. Page uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available or specified by you ) to let you message and Live call friends and family.
Since privacy, fun and quality user experience makes the foundation for Page , we recommend Page for your everyday communication tasks to send and receive messages, video calling, Live casting, sharing photos, videos, and Voice Messages.

************Key Security features include delete chat from both users, Disable screen shot and secured photo/ video sharing that deletes automatically and private chat **********

• Page has 18 ground breaking communication tools put together beautifully in one screen for your utmost joyful online chatting and communicating experience. AND ITS ALL FOR FREE.

• Page is a communication platform made with user privacy in mind. Our ”Hard Erase” feature lets you permanently delete any message between you and your friends, from both the chat screens, irrespective of who sent the text.
”No Screen Shot” lets you communicate with full control and peace of mind.

• Live Video Calls : Our all new video calling feature lets you do a live video call while carrying on with your chatting session and continuing with all your chatting and media sharing activities simultaneously in the same screen, in a seamless experience. You can even use it as a Walkie-talkie.

• Multiple Modes: Enjoy a truly innovative and immersive communication experience in three modes. Chat Mode. Media Mode. Crystal Mode.

• Safety First: Our Crystal mode is made specially for the people who like go on a walk and talk at the same time. No more bumping into the people and poles with our augmented reality interface built right into our crystal mode, which projects the live feed of your surrounding on your chat screen.

• CAST: Show your friends around by casting your camera feed live on their screen, without them having to show their feed to you.

• Quickest Media sharing and watching: You just have to experience the unified experience of all the media being played and shared in the fastest way possible without ever leaving Your chat screen. All the photos and videos are deleted after 21 seconds and are never stored in sender's or receiver's phone memory.
We built Page with a passion of connecting people safely in a Fun environment. We proudly say that it’s the ”One Page To Rule Them All”

And much much more…
Have fun while using Page. We are glad to serve YOU.

Startup Features:
  • Delete Messages From Both Ends (even from other persons phone, what they have sent you)
  • No Screen Shots Whatsoever
  • Fastest Media Sharing
  • Multiple Modes of Chatting
  • The most secure app
Beta User Benefits:
  • First Users
  • Help us improve by providing their valuable feedback
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  • Information Technology
  • Internet of Things
  • Lifestyle
  • Social Networking
Target Audience:
  • chat
  • media
  • messaging
  • privacy
  • communication
  • pictures
  • live video
  • snap
  • security
  • video sharing
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