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Product tours -> Probably the easiest way to present how your product works. Personalized for each user. HTML code is supported, also page targeting, user targeting or displaying frequency.
Hint -> Make the user to focus his attention to a specific area if you want to promote new features or let them know about recent changes. Use user properties to target the hints only for certain users (who don't use that features for example).
Popup announcements -> Display in-app announcements about new features, renewals or just a "Merry Christmas, {name}". Customized with your color theme and targeted using user properties. Also you can add a rich experience by adding videos, images (HTML code).

All of these without writing code.

Startup Features:
  • Product tours for your web product without writing code.
Beta User Benefits:
  • a free plan for 6 months
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Utilities
Target Audience:
  • ux
  • onboarding
  • user adoption
  • user onboarding
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