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Naturaltts is a web-based online text to speech converter. It's easy to use and at the same time very advanced service that opens numerous opportunities for the customers to use it for so many different purposes. As an innovative service, Naturalltts provides users with an ability to convert any text to natural-sounding voices.

Main Features:
- 61+ Natural sounding Voices
- SSML Tags Support
- Converted files History
- Volume and Speech rate customization
- More than 27+ Languages
- free mp3 files download
- Uploading .txt files

For Whom:
- For people with reading and writing difficulties or disabilities
- For Youtube Bloggers and Marketers (our service can easily help youtube bloggers and marketers to voiceover their videos without even using their own voices)
- For audiobook creators - convert any book to audio.
- For proofreaders and editors.
- For call center automation
- For interactive responses from IoT devices (voiceover iot devices)
- Use naturaltts text to speech to check your formal letters for mistakes
- For webmasters in different niches. (our service could be implemented in each article as a podcast, so the reader can now listen to the article as well as reading)
- Create voicemail greetings
- Voiceover game characters

Startup Features:
  • Files History
  • Text to Speech Converter
  • Download files in mp3
  • Upload .txt files
  • 61+ Natural sounding Voices
  • SSML Tags Supported
  • Volume and Speech rate customization
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Information Technology
  • Technology
Target Audience:
  • text to speech
  • text to voice

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