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Motivii is the fast feedback platform for high performing teams.

At the end of each week, employees enter their highlights and challenges, plus their key priorities for the following week. They also answer a few anonymous questions about how they're feeling at work. This simple process helps employees celebrate success and manage themselves better, while letting their manager know where they can offer support and help focus their team.

Over time, this weekly insight informs Motivii's objectives, reviews and feedback features.

On Motivii, organisations get access to real-time people analytics that give a rich picture of how employees are doing across their business from week-to-week. With this insight, HR and senior management can improve efficiencies, productivity and engagement.

Startup Features:
  • Get weekly updates from your employees and insight on how they're doing
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free for teams
Categories / Subcategories:
  • HRM
Target Audience:
  • hr tech
  • employee feedback
  • manager tool
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