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Are you ready to make an online presence for your local business? Why not handle your website, online reviews, and social media in just one place with Meegle?

Meegle helps busy business owners build a reputation for their local establishment online. Made for convenience and with the latest technology, it provides an easy alternative for business owners to bring an online presence for their business the way they want it.

What can Meegle do:
- We will design and build a website that's fit for your business's niche and find suitable domain/hosting.
-You can control what information goes into your website. You can edit information like business hours, menu, services, and many more.
-You can see real-time customer reviews from different platforms and get insights on what your customers are thinking.
-You can keep track of social media engagements and share it on your website.
-You can make sure all your business listings from different platforms are consistent.

With the power to manage your website and online presence in just place, business owners can now showcase their business their own way without the middle-man.

Startup Features:
  • Create & develop websites for small and local businesses
  • Allows users to view and manage their business's online reviews from different review channels
  • Allows users to view and manage their social media pages
  • Keeps track of online reviews in real time
  • Allows users to easily edit information from their website on any device
  • Keeps track of your online presence from different platforms
Beta User Benefits:
  • Accepted Beta Users are free to use the Meegle platform for one year
  • Free business website, domain, and hosting (1 year)
  • Free Google Business Suite Package (1 year)
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business Development
  • Digital Marketing
Target Audience:
  • social media management
  • website design and development
  • online review management
  • website infrastructure
  • online presence
  • smart business website
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