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The world’s most advanced platform for helping patients find better care, faster.

When it comes to health, nothing is more valuable than time. That's why we're building the world’s most advanced platform for helping people living with health conditions – from the very rare to the most widespread – find better care, faster.

Born from the market-leading technology trusted by a leading global healthcare giant for 18+ years, MediFind also provides services for the pharma and healthcare ecosystem.

We're starting with 6 key areas:

1. Expert Finder
MediFind is the first platform in the world to collect and integrate doctor and health information from dozens of medical datasets, allowing us to identify global experts who are at the forefront of research and innovation for their respective field. Our network is 2.5 million+ global physicians and growing

2. Second Opinions
Our algorithms identify doctors with characteristics similar to your own, but with different enough viewpoints to provide alternative options for your care

3. Symptom Checker
The world's most powerful symptom checker for patients, built to dramatically speeding up the time to correct diagnosis & treatment. Trusted and validated

4. Latest Advances
Stay informed on the latest clinical research, culled and simplified from over 100,000 new pieces of global medical information reviewed every month. We use a combination of cutting-edge machine learning techniques, proprietary natural language processing algorithms, and our team of medical experts to extract the most important information and simplify the terminology so it's easier to act

5. Clinical Trials
Find all active clinical trials for a given health condition, with current links to in-depth information

6. Condition 101
Learn about the causes, symptoms, treatments and more for thousands of health conditions

Follow us, and visit to see how we can help everyone find better care, faster.

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  • Help patients find better care, faster
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  • Health & Fitness
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