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Maralytics helps businesses make sure every dollar spent on advertising generates more revenue for the business. Our software tracks & reports on all marketing activities that provides sales revenue, profit and customer acquisition.

Maralytics is a cloud-based marketing analytics solution that helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

It will assist you in launching smarter and more effective marketing campaigns that are based on actual data, thereby eliminating the need for any guesswork.

This enables you to focus on spending only on what works and what succeeds, eventually leading you to increase your return on investment.

Improve all your marketing campaigns by getting actual ROI results and get these benefits:

Successful Strategies – Launch smarter and more effective marketing campaigns
Accurate Data – Sales from any marketing campaign are directly imported to the platform
Improved ROI – Focus on spending marketing dollars only on what works and what succeeds
Profitable Marketing Dollar Spend – more customers and sales for the same or less investment

Startup Features:
  • Features: • Profit per campaign – view profitability of every campaign by automatically calculating sales and costs • Sales revenue per campaign – view all sales results that are imported directly fr
Beta User Benefits:
  • Invite for access to private beta launch We are currently open to the beta community to road test our software before our official launch, and with extended free trial periods and lifetime discounts
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