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MAPCAT provides OSM-based mapping services for private users and business clients.

Our custom-made, OSM-based worldwide map API provides easy-to-integrate services for any business size (public websites, internal systems or mobile apps) to let your location-based info come to life. Our services include data visualization, routing, search, map matching and much more. More info on https://mapcat.com

Our worldwide public map (https://maps.mapcat.com) is 100% based on OpenStreetMap data, with unique features like routing for cars, bicycles, pedestrians and public transport, advanced POI management, and map editing with all modifications fed back to OSM.

Who we are
We’re a team of experienced professionals with a proven record in the navigation and mapping sector. We are developing GIS solutions, in which field we have gathered a lot of experience, a wide professional network and expertise. Our aim is to demonstrate and share this knowledge and our extensive map database through our products. We believe in community mapping, being OSM contributors ourselves and using its database in our public map portals. For us, this is also a hobby.

Startup Features:
  • Advanced search and POI management
  • Multi-profile directions
  • Map matching
  • Data collecting and visualization
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free API
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
  • Navigation
Target Audience:
  • b2b
  • gis
  • data visualization
  • mapping
  • location-based services
  • openstreetmap
  • asset tracking
  • geocoding

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