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Mailswipe lets you find anyone's email address in seconds and only charges you when we actually find an email address.

Next, seamlessly synchronize your newly discovered leads with your favorite sales tech including Lemlist, Close, Woodpecker, or any of the other integrations we have coming up.

Connect with anyone with Mailswipe!

Startup Features:
  • Find emails: Find anyone's professional email in seconds with our targeted email search functionality.
  • Bulk enrichment: Enrich bulk files with email data within minutes, saving you time and effort.
  • Your favorite integrations: Integrations that you'll love. Mailswipe integrates with tools that you're already using.
  • Fair pricing: Stop paying per search. You're only charged when we actually find an email address.
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Saas
Target Audience:
  • data mining
  • b2b
  • sales automation
  • sales software
  • sales outreach

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