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Linkr is the #1 LinkedIn Lead Generation Automation Software. Linkr autonomously expands your professional LinkedIn connections, discover new customers, develop new career opportunities and connecting new business prospects. Auto Connect, Message, Extract. Automate like a human browsing LinkedIn.

| Support multiple LinkedIn accounts | Auto connect profiles (with message variants) | Sync connections | Send batch messages (with message variants) | Collect LinkedIn Group members | Collect Sales Navigator Leads | Collect Sales Navigator Accounts | Collect companies from LinkedIn Jobs | Collect employee profiles from companies dataset | Export LinkedIn Companies dataset as Excel file | Export LinkedIn Leads dataset as Excel file | Export My Connections as Excel file |

Linkr is much safer and smarter than any tool on the market. Linkr runs multiple tasks at the same time. Linkr also simulates human's web browsing behaviours using stochastic simulation, a mathematical theory that used in many AI products.
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  • Enterprise software
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  • linkedin automation software
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  • automate linkedin lead generation
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