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LingRoom is an SaaS enabled EdTech marketplace connecting hundreds of tutors with private or enterprise/B2B students eager to master their language skills through in-person or online individual or group lessons. LingRoom gives students and Enterprises all the information needed to choose the best course and tutor, and an opportunity to compare and choose out of dozens of pre-vetted language courses to meet budget and expectations.
LingRoom language tutors are mostly people with extensive experience in conducting individual and group lessons as well as tutoring. The student can choose a tutor with verified qualifications in foreign language teaching. Each tutor with a profile marked as "verified" has provided LingRoom with copies of diplomas, certificates or other documentation confirming his/her competence in foreign language teaching.
LingRoom.pl offers simple and comfortable tools to start learning foreign languages. The student can create an individual profile and easily select/compare and order lessons or courses with chosen tutor(s). The student's calendar is synchronized with the tutor's calendar, meaning that changing the date or time of the lesson has never been so easy. The chat feature allows both student and tutor to contact each other quickly, at any time, from anywhere and any device. The student can easily download lesson materials uploaded by the tutor. The notification system sends information about the status of the lesson on an ongoing basis via SMS and/or e-mail. The student and tutor can see and follow all details of the lessons/courses – the history as well as current status for the day and days to come.
The platform helps tutors to streamline the day-to-day management of teaching, including scheduling and communicating with clients, and paper-free document flow with cloud processing. With LingRoom, tutors have more time to teach, and can enable students to learn in ways that work best for them.
LingRoom School offers a language-learning service for Business clients (Enterprises) looking to improve their team’s communication in a foreign language(s). It offers quality language instruction either via online video-chat based lessons, accessible on multiple devices platforms anywhere or in-person Tutor(s)-to-group(s) in various client’s locations. Curriculum is deeply adapted to an Enterprise’s needs to ensure efficient, effective learning. LingRoom School offers to Enterprise’s administrator to maintain an organization’s plan, make payments, invite and manage students, generate various reports, analyze progress, set access controls, and many more.
LingRoom offers a service for tutors to either share for free or buy and sell original educational materials. Practically every teacher has a wealth of material created over their professional career that is ready to be shared or sold. On the other side, there are thousands of teachers and students who are looking for educational materials, knowledge, and inspiration to teach or learn at their best. Platform will offer a service for tutors to prepare (makeup) materials for sale.

Startup Features:
  • • Clear and transparent rules of cooperation: full or part-time employment, employment for professional and non-professional tutors, option for tutoring from any location, tutors’ routine paperwork fu
  • • Online and in-person tutoring for Enterprises/B2B. Platform is supporting multiple locations, customized program, progress reports and statistic for individual students and for groups, cloud based d
  • • One-stop-shop solution: search & compare, instant communication via chat, e-mail, push notifications, online payment via the platform, planning and calendar synchronization, documents&materials uplo
  • • Matching algorithms: psycholinguistic tests to identify how people think and learn/teach, a sophisticated matching algorithm for students and tutors, the option to choose “perfect match” tutor and s
  • • Original educational resources. Exchange of original materials for free or sell/buy original material: workbooks, lessons plans, methods, games, educational videos, … materials for special educatio
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