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Konsume is a next-generation newswire service, offering data insights and analysis within the space of global journalism. Our platform makes it easy for you to source leads, gain meaningful insights, and publish your findings. All in a single-sourced news-focused platform. Additionally, you are able to easily determine media bias or leanings with the publisher and journalist insight profile - highlighting all recent published work and topics covered.

Startup Features:
  • Live newswire feed
  • News research tool
  • Publisher insights
  • Journalist/Author profiles
Beta User Benefits:
  • Free access to all available tools
  • Early access before official launch
  • Ability to help guide/change Konsume for the better early on
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Media
  • News
  • Nonprofits
Target Audience:
  • news
  • journalist
  • news aggregators
  • data journalists
  • bloggers
  • writers
  • researchers
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