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Keeni enhances team productivity and profitability by streamlining paper or manual workflows into digital processes that are intuitive and easy to use. Save valuable time and money by turning your organization’s operating procedures into standardized processes that enable real-time collaboration anywhere, on any device. From small businesses to large organizations, Keeni makes it easy to go paperless and digitize your workflows.

The software platform was developed for enterprises requiring electronic process management for rocket launches and space vehicles, where time is a premium and safety is vital. The platform combined years of lessons learned from the field, with stringent regulatory conditions and processes, to produce an intuitive tool for managing organizational workflow. Built under this use case, Keeni came to exist by a high standard, demanding industry. This is to your benefit, as the architecture and interface of the tool is now deployable by other complex industries including healthcare, manufacturing, government, and utilities.

Startup Features:
  • In anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour, someone with basic computer skills can develop a procedure document for the first time.
  • Once procedures are up and running, Keeni makes it easy and fast for procedure improvements to get from the field to the office - building trust between teams and driving innovation.
  • Run your procedures collaboratively, no matter how spread out your team and third-party stakeholders find themselves.
  • Updates are pushed in real-time, across all devices, preventing miscommunication and wasted time.
  • Whether running one instance of a procedure, or multiple, Keeni’s tools for enterprise level accountability and collaboration ensures high quality output and operational consistency.
  • We provide the workflow management software your organization needs to achieve this important transition for lean and efficient operations.
Beta User Benefits:
  • Our platform will not only give you increased efficiency, but also increase your reliability and safety.
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  • Business
Target Audience:
  • enterprise software
  • b2b
  • workflows
  • business process
  • aerospace
  • process management

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