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Kazuhm revolutionizes how companies process workloads through a new type of distributed computing technology. The Kazuhm SaaS platform unifies the compute resources of an organization from desktops, to servers, to cloud, to edge, creating a private grid where containerized workloads can be intelligently placed and processed to optimize IT costs, security, and performance.

Through an easy user interface, customers leverage Kazuhm today to simplify Kubernetes, build their own private distributed compute networks, run workloads on-premises enabling the lowest possible latency, and easily manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Kubernetes-Made-Easy -- deployment is super quick with container placement and host monitoring intuitively simple.

Multi-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud Management -- Escape from vendor lock-in and centrally manage all your Public Cloud Hosts for FREE.

Data Science On Demand -- Simplify deployment of Spark and Jupyter and process workloads both on-premise and in the cloud.

Offset Cloud Costs -- Get “Cloud Smart”. Process containerized workloads on your Linux and Windows desktops and servers to offset cloud costs.

Low-Latency Workload Processing -- Reduce latency and improve performance by processing your data on-premise or at the edge – when milliseconds count.

Distributed Computing Anywhere -- Connect your desktops – Windows and Linux – and servers or even your edge devices to create a powerful compute fabric.

Startup Features:
  • Set up and tear down Kubernetes clusters in a few clicks
  • Harness unused desktops, servers, cloud, and Edge devices to create a single compute network to run containerized apps
  • Reduce latency, optimize performance, and save cloud costs
  • Deploy your own containerized applications using Helm.
  • Spark and Jupyter Notebook available out-of-the-box
Beta User Benefits:
  • Receive free access and full functionality up to 10 nodes!
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Target Audience:
  • information technology
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  • cloud computing
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  • data scientists
  • kubernetes
  • devops engineer
  • kubernetes users
  • spark
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