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Kattana - the first desktop-based crypto trading terminal which allows to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges from one app and covers all crypto traders' flow - market analysis, risk management, trading and performance tracking - in one place.

Startup Features:
  • There are no other desktop-based crypto trading terminals in the market
  • High-secure
  • Fully customizable according to users' interface and trading preferences
  • Kattana allows to trade on multiple crypto exchanges from one app
  • A unique feature: trader's performance tracking compared with the market
  • Kattana covers all crypto traders' workflow in one app: market analyzing, risk management, trading, performance tracking. Thta's why crypto traders don't need decent of scattered trading tools
  • The app is absolutely FREE
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Trading
Target Audience:
  • #cryptotrading
  • #cryptotrader
  • #cryptoexchange
  • #cryptocurrency
  • #cryptocurrencies

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