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With a single web-link, you could set up meetings with your International Clients, remote teams, and conduct sales calls.
As a remote-first company, we hate to play email tag to lock down a meeting time. So we built Inviited to:
poll to find the best time for everyone, fetch availability so you know best times to schedule meetings - works for even attendees not in your organization and Google, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange calendar sync for everyone.

Making meetings happen with Inviited over Zoom, Google Hangout / Meet, and Skype.

Startup Features:
  • Google, Microsoft (Exchange & Outlook) Calendar sync
  • Show Availability of all invitees, even those not in your company
  • Polling / voting to allow best meeting time selection
  • Integration with Zoom, Google Hangout / Meet, Skype
Beta User Benefits:
  • Save time and avoid back & forth email tag
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Media
  • Social Networking
Target Audience:
  • calendar
  • scheduling
  • productivity tools
  • meeting software
  • calendar app

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