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iconik is a media management platform for your entire organization. All your media can be organized and sharable from one place. It helps you discover content in a new way and also serves as a single place for collaboration to align people in the creative process. iconik is powerful, easy, and made for everyone.

Startup Features:
  • Safely organise your media
  • Searching and browsing of media content
  • Sharing and review and approval workflows
  • AI services, e.g. object detection, transcriptions, and scene detection
  • User, group and rights management
  • Fully customisable metadata
  • BYOL for on-premise and cloud storages, AI and transcoding services
  • Editorial workflows
  • And a lots more!
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Media
Target Audience:
  • search
  • editing
  • storytelling
  • media
  • api
  • collaboration
  • ai
  • video editing
  • storage
  • backup
  • distribution
  • remote work
  • production
  • video player

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