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HolaHalo is a "Travel Marketplace", a marketplace platform where sellers (travel service providers) can meet and conduct transactions with buyers (domestic and foreign tourists). The seller (travel agent) can benefit from the availability of a selling platform that is equipped with various facilities so that it will increase the sales of services provided. In addition, HolaHalo transactions will be safer. Buyers (tourists) can benefit from more complete choices, accurate information, and transaction security. Buyers are made easy in the selection process with a review, rating, discussion, chat, the transaction process is easy and safe, until complete.

Startup Features:
  • Chat + quotation (Kustom Japri)
  • Point
  • review, discussion, rating, counter
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Ecommerce
  • Platforms
  • Tourism
  • Travel
Target Audience:
  • information technology
  • travel
  • tourism
  • e-commerce platform
  • mobile applications
  • travel & tourism
  • travel industry

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