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FairDrill is the balancing scale that every organization needs. It provides a detailed assessment of every technical and personifying trait of the employee to the employer and broadens the scope of employment opportunities for the employee.

Startup Features:
  • A professional tool for employees to showcase their multiple skills in a more attractive and eye catchy way.
  • Employers can check and verify the technical and non technical traits ratings during the interview and before hiring.
  • Emplyoee's earned ratings from their employers are well demonstrated through the digitally marked traits.
  • Saving lot of time and money by not spending unnecessary on salaries on a wrong candidate specifically for the senior level hirings.
  • Employees can easily negotiate on the salary and allowances on the basis of their fairdrill profile.
  • Ratings from the past employers on the traits are more reliable and valuable as they are rated after a long span of working collaboration.
  • Employees can reach to new organisations for jobs through fairdrill and can get an idea on the company‚Äôs growth, work ambience, salary packages, interview rounds
  • HRs and recruiters can easily send a verification request form which is amended with all the necessary fields to verify an employee. Both way of rating facility is available: digital plus descriptive.
  • Searching and reaching out to valuable and relevant candidates have become more easier and transparent as profiles of the candidates are searched on the basis of ratings and reviews earned from their
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Target Audience:
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