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What does the app do?
Hey,Listen! allows companies to get ideas and feedback from their clients in a super easy way. The clients can leave ideas, comment on them, and like them, so the company knows which ideas are the most popular among its users.

Why do you need it?
You most certainly need it if you are a company that needs to quickly gather feedback from their customers/users, or find out which features/ideas are liked the most among the clients so they can be implemented first.

Who is it for?
Small businesses, software developers, marketers/product managers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?
It's a super easy to set up tool (sign up, create a board, and send the link to your clients). We only focus on getting feedback from the clients.

Startup Features:
  • easy set up
  • high customer engagement
  • vote on ideas
  • create new ideas
  • provide feedback
Beta User Benefits:
  • free use for a year
  • no limitations
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Customer Management
  • Business
Target Audience:
  • user feedback
  • roadmap
  • feedback management

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