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HelpDesk is a ticketing solution that your customer support team can use to optimize their communication with customers. With easy-to-use collaboration tools, your team can limit their efforts and multiply their positive results.

HelpDesk fosters teamwork and simplifies the customer support process. Your team can use tagging and add private notes to improve cooperation and speed up the process.

All the tickets are well structured in one easy-to-navigate platform. HelpDesks provides data encryption which maximizes the security level.

Startup Features:
  • Convert messages into tickets and declutter your inbox.
  • Assign tickets to specific teams or team members within your organization and manage your workflow smoothly.
  • Use tagging for organizing your tickets into groups.
  • Change and track the status of a ticket.
  • Find the right context of every message using the archives.
  • Maximize your data security with data enryption (256bit SSL protocol).
Beta User Benefits:
  • You can minimize your team’s efforts and save time for meaningful conversations with customers.
  • Easy navigation makes it possible to resolve tickets faster and with greater precision.
  • HelpDesk is a platform that structures and organizes your customer interactions in one simple view.
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