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Track time, send invoices and get paid from your CLI.

The vision of Golden Hour is to be THE platform that creatives use to manage all disparate but essential aspects of their work at one place. We're doing this one step at a time.

To being with, we are building a time tracking app. There are similar tools out there, but we want to build a better one. The CLI is like a second home for any developer. With our CLI app, you can easily track time without running any additional software. Apps for the web, mobile & desktop will follow after the launch.

Startup Features:
  • Track time from your CLI - both automatic and manual
  • Plan your projects by setting deadlines and budgets
  • Get insights into how you are using your time via beautiful graphs
  • Be in the know - ever lagged behind on a project's progress or overshot a project's budget? That'll never happen with our intelligent projection features
  • Create and send invoices beautiful invoices
  • Get paid directly from your invoice by integrating your payment accounts like Stripe and Paypal
Beta User Benefits:
  • Beta users get 6 months free subscription with unlimited clients and projects
Categories / Subcategories:
  • Business
  • Freelancing
  • Productivity
Target Audience:
  • productivity
  • invoicing
  • payments
  • cli
  • time tracking
  • developer tools
  • command line interface
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